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Staff Applications / Minecraft Staff Application Format
« on: April 22, 2020, 05:48:56 PM »
In-Game Name -
Full UUID ( Use ) -
Discord Name:# -
Time Zone -
Country -
Age -


1. How long have you been playing on our Minecraft server?

2. How long have you been playing Minecraft in general?

3. Have you ever been banned/kicked/warned on our server(s)? If so, for what?

4. Have you ever been banned/kicked/warned on other servers? If so, for what?

5. How many hours per week do you think you can log in our server?

6. What would make you a beneficial member of our staff team?

7. Do you have any experience moderating Minecraft servers?

8. Who are two members with 24+ hours that can put a good word in for you?

9. What is the name of the largest town on our server?

10. Are you claiming to be a developer/youtuber/streamer/planetminecraft admin? If so, why?

11. What is something else you think we should know about you?

Staff Applications / DarkRP Application Format (Required)
« on: April 14, 2020, 04:24:19 PM »
In-Game Name -
Age -
Discord + # -
SteamID -
Country -
Time Zone -


1. Have you read through our staff handbook completely?

2. Have you read through our server rules completely? If so, what is the minimum shooting window size?

3. How many hours do you log per week on our server?

4. How many hours do you have logged in uTime?

5. Have you ever been banned, kicked, or warned? If so, when, and for what reason?

6. What would make you a beneficial member of our staff team?

7. What inspires you to be a staff member on our server?

8. What experience do you have as a staff member? Please list proof if possible.

9. Would you consider yourself a dedicated player and a member of our community?

10. Any other information you'd like to add about yourself?

Rules / Forum Rules
« on: April 07, 2020, 03:44:06 PM »
My hope is that this community won't need a strict forum rulebook. The main rule here is to respect others, and act like an adult. That being said, here are a few specific rules that we ask all of our users to follow.

1. Do not share any personal identifying information. Examples might be your birthday, real name, city/state you live in, etc. We enforce this for YOUR safety. It's pretty uncanny how much someone can find out about you when you give them even the smallest amount of information about you. Be smart with your data.

2. No threats or harassment of any sort. We take this seriously. At no point in time should any of our community members feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If you are found harassing, Doxxing, threatening, or doing anything we deem genuinely unreasonable, you will be permanently banned globally across all of our services.

3. No distasteful comments or language. We all curse from time to time and that's fine. However, being homophobic, anti semitic, or generally offensive will not be tolerated on our forums, or on our servers.

4. If you have an issue with a user/player, utilize our reporting feature, and we will handle it for you. At no point do we wish to see anyone getting involved in a firefight over something that was said on a forum. Doing so may put you at risk of being punished as well.

Rules / Staff Rules
« on: April 07, 2020, 03:43:53 PM »
1. Noclip can only be used for building and for admin situations.

2. If someone breaks the rules, try to give them a warning. If they're being particularly uncooperative and you need to kick them, provide a good reason.

3. Teleportation commands are only for use in admin situations. Using teleport in RP will result in you getting fired.

4. If you are punishing someone, you need solid evidence to do so. This isn't asking much considering our server literally logs everything.

5. All bans must include a clear reason. Ban time is not required in the reason, because it is already displayed to them.

6. As a member of our staff team, we expect you to act like an adult. Remember that this is just a game, and you don't need to let people get to you. If someone is legitimately making you angry, your judgment may be compromised, and it may be wise to transfer the report to another admin.

7. Be friendly, and try to be easy going. Keep in mind that our rules are unique in comparison to other servers, and nobody wants to sit and read through all 100 of them their first time joining. Help and inform players. You're here to set an example.

8. When dealing with propblock, !bring the player and politely ask them to fix it. If they refuse, remove the prop and warn them. If they accept, give them 5 minutes.

9. If a base has faulty keypads, !bring the player and politely ask them to fix it, and explain the situation. If the player refuses to fix the doors, you may remove them. If they do it again, you can ban them.

10. Using your powers against other admins is only permitted in very rare situations, such as when an admin is propblocking/spamming/etc or going rogue (Banning everyone)

Thanks for reading the staff rules. Please put "purplepeple is da bomb" at the bottom of your application to prove you've been following directions.

11. If a fellow admin is breaking the rules, report them on the forums. As stated in rule 10, you cannot ban or kick them unless they are putting the server at risk.

12. You may only remove disconnected players props after banning someone who was abusing props. Any other reason will result in an admin warn.

13. Players are allowed to use /demote for RP reasons. Do not punish them for doing so. However, demoting for something like RDM is not permitted. Bring the player and explain that we have a !report feature for such things.

14. Breaking any of these rules will result in an admin warning. 3 admin warnings result in a permanent demotion. Keep in mind that root admins and superadmins hold the right to demote you at any time, for any reason they see fit.

15. Don't be an asshole. Treat our players with respect, they're people just like we are. You aren't a god just because we've given you admin privileges.

If you have any questions or just need a reference, please consider taking a look at the ByB Admin Manual by Khan. This manual is created and owned by ByB, but we refer our admins to it because it is very well written.

Rules / TTT Server Rules
« on: April 07, 2020, 03:43:41 PM »
Retrograde Gaming TTT

  • 1. Do not RDM
  • 2. No Ghosting. (After you're dead, do not give any information about the ongoing game to anyone through messages, discord,etc.)
  • 3. Be respectful with everyone (basically don't be racist/homophic etc.)
  • 4. Do not kill another player for reasons relating to a different round
  • 5. Your username must be identifiable by everyone on the server.
  • 6. If someone RDM's you, please do not yell in the chat. Message admins in chat using the @. (Ex: @Yatooma25 just 360 noscoped me for no reason!)
  • 7. As the detective, you should try to do your job to the best of your abilities.
  • 8. Do not use any exploits you may find in any maps.

Rules / DarkRP Server Rules
« on: April 07, 2020, 03:43:26 PM »
Like any server on the list, we would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to take a glance at our rules. Our rules may be considered slightly abstract in comparison to other servers, so we ask that you familiarize yourself to minimize the risk of both getting in trouble, and potentially even making a fool out of yourself. Either way, we hope you enjoy your stay. Stay healthy, stay safe.

General Rules

1a. No Random Deathmatch (RDM)

2a. Wait 3 minutes before returning to your point of death. (NLR)

3a. You DO NOT need to /advert your actions on this server.

4a. No excessive racism, homophobia, cursing, or general distasteful behavior.

5a. Do not abuse props. This includes prop spamming, killing, climbing, blocking, pushing, and the like. Props are to be used for building only.

6a. No spam of any form. This includes voice and text chat.

7a. Show respect to others. If you're pulled into a meet for being a general asshole, we will punish you for it. We're here to have fun.

8a. Do not interfere with administrators who are working and on duty, especially during meets/sits.

9a. You may speak whatever language you like, with the exception that English is required in OOC and when speaking to administrators. Failure to comply will result in a kick/ban.

10a. No impersonating others. This could be in the form of changing your name, or just claiming to be someone you aren't.

11a. Do not advertise other communities or servers. This is not taken lightly and could result in a permanent ban, along with us making contact with the owner of your community to explain your poaching attempts.

12a. Refrain from spamming your camera and using strobe textures. Some players with epilepsy risk having seizures because of this.

13a. By joining our server, you are committing to RolePlay (RP). Joining this server without the intention of RPing will result in a ban.

14a. Bugs, exploits, loopholes, etc. should be reported on the forums immediately. Doing so will result in a generous reward, whereas abusing will result in severe punishment.

15a. If you need an admin, use the @ reporting feature. Saying "admin to me" in chat will result in a temporary mute. Ex: @Purplepeple just RDMed me

16a. Two wrongs don't make a right. If someone breaks the rules, REPORT THEM. Getting "revenge" is not a valid reason to RDM someone. This could also be considered NLR.

17a. Using Out Of Character (OOC) chat for In Character (IC) communications is considered MetaGame (MG) and may result in a slap.

18a. FearRP is in effect on this server. If a Police Officer orders you to do something and you are a Civilian, you are expected to comply. Same goes for if you are being mugged, kidnapped, etc.

19a. Scamming is allowed to an extent. You can inflate your prices however you like, but if someone pays for product, you are required to supply it, no questions asked.

20a. If you are raiding someone, you can only kill them if they threaten you (pulling a weapon), or fail to comply with your orders. If someone is in their base but not attacking you in any way and you kill them, you will be punished for RDM.

21a. Baiting is allowed, just be prepared for an incoming raid.

22a. You must specify where players are not allowed on your property using a KOS/No Trespassing Sign.

23a. Selling your job/role is considered FailRP.

24a. Carrying a weapon without a license is an arrestable offense unless otherwise stated by the Mayor.

25a. By default, the lobby of PD is public. Attempts to block the public lobby will result in a demotion and a potential job ban, unless otherwise told to do so by mayor.

26a. The Mayor does not have power over the rule book. Any Mayor found trying to bypass rules with laws will be banned from the role.

27a. No roleplaying in spawn. This includes killing, punching, etc.

28a. Do not Random Arrest (RDA/RA). You must have a valid reason to arrest someone.

29a. Pocketing raidables before or during a raid will result in a ban.

30a. As a dealer, you have the right to choose who you sell to.

31a. You cannot judge an RP decision by something OOC.

32a. Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is strongly discouraged. You need to have a damn good reason to run someone over and kill them.

Building Rules

1b. Shooting Windows must be at least 05x1

2b. Raid entrances must be at least 2x2x1, large enough to fit two people.

3b. You are permitted to have 4 fading doors as a means for raiding (shooting windows excluded). Typically 3 raid doors and one toggled safe. (You can have an additional garage door if you choose, but it needs to open for 10 seconds instead of 5.)

4b. One way props can only be used as windows. They cannot be shot through, or used as a fading door in any manner.

5b. Keypads are required to have a minimum hold time of 5 seconds. All safe doors are required to be toggled.

6b. No crouch or maze bases. You must be able to raid a base from start to finish without being forced to jump or crouch. Your base can have a maximum of 2 right angle turns for entry.

7b. Do not propblock your base. You must have at least one raid entrance, all others can be blocked.

8b. Keypad delay is not permitted. All doors must open immediately upon cracking.

9b. Each fading raid door must have a clearly visible and accessible keypad on both sides.

10b. The fading door tool is only to be used for making doors and windows. Attempting to make bridges or anything of the like may result in us removing your base.

11b. Bases with a building sign are not to be raided or engaged in roleplay. This includes mugging/kidnapping the owner.

12b. You cannot have raidables in your base when a building sign is displayed. Examples of raidables are printers, shipments, drugs, etc. Breaking this rule will result in us deleting your raidables with no refund.

13b. Your base entrance must connect to publicly accessible land.

14b. You may only own one building at a time, and cannot co-own doors simultaneously. Ex: Having a house/base and a hotel room/apartment.

15b. To handle common base disputes, whoever owns the front door owns the whole building, not the majority door owner.

16b. You are permitted to have a KOS sign on your base, however, you can only KOS for valid reasons, to be determined by the administrator of the session.

17b. The Mayor has permission to furnish the Police Department (PD) and jail cells, so long as there is a viable path of escape for prisoners (Don't propblock). This task can be delegated to a Police Officer or Chief as decided by the Mayor.

18b. The Mayor has permission to base in the PD given that all of the building rules are met. If there is no Mayor, the Police Chief can set up defenses until a Mayor is elected.

19b. KOS Lines cannot be placed in a public space, only on private property.

20b. Only hobos can build on public property. Law Enforcement members can build vehicle checkpoints so long as there is someone at attendance to open the gate for cars at all times. This is only permitted if the Mayor authorizes it.

21b. No collided props can only be used for decor.

22b. No building at spawn, no exceptions. This includes Hobos.

23b. When being raided, you are not permitted to build.

24b. You are only permitted to build in dead end tunnels. Blocking tunnels and preventing access to the other side will not be tolerated and will result in removal of your base.

25b. No underwater bases.

26b. You should be able to see the head and torso of your enemy through your shooting windows, and they should see the same.

27b. Do not use colors/materials that are intended to be hard on the eyes or disorienting. This includes solid black.

28b. No floating/flying bases or megabases.

29b. Using a balcony to get a height advantage on raiders is not permitted.

30b. Code raiding is prohibited. (Using previously known keypad codes to raid)

Crime Rules

1c. Only criminals can commit crimes such as mugging/kidnapping/raiding etc.

2c. A raid can only last up to 10 minutes. The timer starts when you begin lockpicking

3c. You cannot kill people for being near you while raiding.

4c. You cannot use your toolgun, physgun, or spawn menu during raids. This goes for the person getting raided as well.

5c. The maximum mug amount is $5,000. The victim must have 15 seconds to react.

6c. You must wait 10 minutes between raids. 30 minutes between same base raids. You may only mug every 5 minutes.

7c. If all raiders die at least once before the 10 minute timer is complete, the raid is over.

8c. You can assist your team with raiding only after waiting 3 minutes post death.

9c. When working in a group or gang, you must change your job name to align with your organization. Example: /job Teef Squad

10c. If a police officer is within rage of your raid and is posing a threat, you have the right to kill them.

11c. Groups and gangs can only have 10 actively playing members at a time.

Law Enforcement Rules

1d. The chief of police is in charge of all officers including SWAT.

2d. Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) must obey all laws and orders from the Mayor.

3d. LEOs need a valid reason to search/weapon check. This rule does not apply to government property.

4d. LEOs, including the Mayor, are not permitted to own any doors.

5d. LEOs cannot bait. LEOs killed as a result of baiting is not means to start a raid on the attacker. An example of baiting would be intentionally trespassing.

6d. Only the Mayor is permitted to take players past the 2nd doors of PD without handcuffs. All others must be cuffed by LEOs before entering.

7d. LEOs cannot participate in non-pd raids.

8d. Battering rams are only to be used with a valid warrant.

9d. LEOs are permitted to raid for up to 15 minutes.

10d. LEOs are not permitted to part take in any form of crime.

11d. During a lockdown, LEOs are required to give 2 warnings to citizens to go to their homes. If they ignore both warnings, and do not comply within 15 seconds, they can be arrested.

12d. Printers are legal inside of the bank vault, do not destroy them.

13d. A Mayor who accepts a false warrant is responsible for the LEOs actions.

14d. The Mayor can only initiate a lockdown is something is putting general public safety at risk. This reason must be valid.

15d. Hearing printers is not grounds for a warrant, visual sight of printers is required. However, if there is a mysterious explosion from a local home and the resident doesn't respond, they may be hurt. LEOs can raid to do a wellness check on the unresponsive resident if they don't respond after 3 attempts to contact them. (This is a rare occurrence, don't abuse it.)

Job Specific Rules

Banker - The bank lobby is a public space, and can only be locked/closed during lockdowns or when building. Bankers have a maximum of 15 minutes to build. Your job is to protect the bank, letting raiders in to hit the vault intentionally is FailRP.

Gun Dealer / Law Enforcement Supplier - Your job is to sell weapons. You can setup a shop to sell from, but you cannot base with others unless they are a Mercenary or Bodyguard. You are permitted to self supply 1 weapon for self defense and no more.

Hobo - You can only build on sidewalks, the fountain, and in the sewers where you aren't blocking any entrances or NPCs. Playing music is allowed, but you can be beaten for doing so in public.

Hotel Owner - You can only own doors and build inside of the Hotel. You are allowed to set up your own defenses against raiders, and your tenants can do the same so long as the total amount of fading doors to enter a residence is no more than 8. You can charge a maximum of $50k for a room.

Mayor's Bodyguard - Your job is to protect the mayor at all costs. You stay by his side, and get him coffee when he craves it. You have no LEO power and cannot enforce the law or participate in LEO raids.

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