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Staff Application for Sloth

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In-Game Name - Sloth
Age -20
Discord + # - Sloth#0816
SteamID - 76561198013243203
Country - USA
Time Zone - Central Daylight Time


1. Have you read the server rules completely?

2. How many hours do you log per week on our server?
     12 this week.

3. How many hours do you have logged in uTime?

4. Have you ever been banned, kicked, or warned? If so, when, and for what reason?
      No, I'm a good boy.

5. What would make you a beneficial member of our staff team?
     I play frequently and am fair but have little patience for folk being buttheads.

6. What inspires you to be a staff member on our server?
     I would like to stop butt holes from ruining the integrity and fun of the server.

7. What experience do you have as a staff member? Please list proof if possible.
    No experience whatsoever .

8. Would you consider yourself a dedicated player and a member of our community?
     Yes. I have been playing since Barons in 2011.

9. Any other information you'd like to add about yourself?
    I have Mario Mom as a reference of character.