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TTT Server Rules


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Retrograde Gaming TTT

  • 1. Do not RDM
  • 2. No Ghosting. (After you're dead, do not give any information about the ongoing game to anyone through messages, discord,etc.)
  • 3. Be respectful with everyone (basically don't be racist/homophic etc.)
  • 4. Do not kill another player for reasons relating to a different round
  • 5. Your username must be identifiable by everyone on the server.
  • 6. If someone RDM's you, please do not yell in the chat. Message admins in chat using the @. (Ex: @Yatooma25 just 360 noscoped me for no reason!)
  • 7. As the detective, you should try to do your job to the best of your abilities.
  • 8. Do not use any exploits you may find in any maps.