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1. Noclip can only be used for building and for admin situations.

2. If someone breaks the rules, try to give them a warning. If they're being particularly uncooperative and you need to kick them, provide a good reason.

3. Teleportation commands are only for use in admin situations. Using teleport in RP will result in you getting fired.

4. If you are punishing someone, you need solid evidence to do so. This isn't asking much considering our server literally logs everything.

5. All bans must include a clear reason. Ban time is not required in the reason, because it is already displayed to them.

6. As a member of our staff team, we expect you to act like an adult. Remember that this is just a game, and you don't need to let people get to you. If someone is legitimately making you angry, your judgment may be compromised, and it may be wise to transfer the report to another admin.

7. Be friendly, and try to be easy going. Keep in mind that our rules are unique in comparison to other servers, and nobody wants to sit and read through all 100 of them their first time joining. Help and inform players. You're here to set an example.

8. When dealing with propblock, !bring the player and politely ask them to fix it. If they refuse, remove the prop and warn them. If they accept, give them 5 minutes.

9. If a base has faulty keypads, !bring the player and politely ask them to fix it, and explain the situation. If the player refuses to fix the doors, you may remove them. If they do it again, you can ban them.

10. Using your powers against other admins is only permitted in very rare situations, such as when an admin is propblocking/spamming/etc or going rogue (Banning everyone)

Thanks for reading the staff rules. Please put "purplepeple is da bomb" at the bottom of your application to prove you've been following directions.

11. If a fellow admin is breaking the rules, report them on the forums. As stated in rule 10, you cannot ban or kick them unless they are putting the server at risk.

12. You may only remove disconnected players props after banning someone who was abusing props. Any other reason will result in an admin warn.

13. Players are allowed to use /demote for RP reasons. Do not punish them for doing so. However, demoting for something like RDM is not permitted. Bring the player and explain that we have a !report feature for such things.

14. Breaking any of these rules will result in an admin warning. 3 admin warnings result in a permanent demotion. Keep in mind that root admins and superadmins hold the right to demote you at any time, for any reason they see fit.

15. Don't be an asshole. Treat our players with respect, they're people just like we are. You aren't a god just because we've given you admin privileges.

If you have any questions or just need a reference, please consider taking a look at the ByB Admin Manual by Khan. This manual is created and owned by ByB, but we refer our admins to it because it is very well written.