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My hope is that this community won't need a strict forum rulebook. The main rule here is to respect others, and act like an adult. That being said, here are a few specific rules that we ask all of our users to follow.

1. Do not share any personal identifying information. Examples might be your birthday, real name, city/state you live in, etc. We enforce this for YOUR safety. It's pretty uncanny how much someone can find out about you when you give them even the smallest amount of information about you. Be smart with your data.

2. No threats or harassment of any sort. We take this seriously. At no point in time should any of our community members feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If you are found harassing, Doxxing, threatening, or doing anything we deem genuinely unreasonable, you will be permanently banned globally across all of our services.

3. No distasteful comments or language. We all curse from time to time and that's fine. However, being homophobic, anti semitic, or generally offensive will not be tolerated on our forums, or on our servers.

4. If you have an issue with a user/player, utilize our reporting feature, and we will handle it for you. At no point do we wish to see anyone getting involved in a firefight over something that was said on a forum. Doing so may put you at risk of being punished as well.