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How it Works - Social Credit

Posted on 30 May 2021 01:29 am

What is Social Credit?

Social Credit is a social ranking tool that is used to help distinguish the good people, from the bad. It does this by lowering the players' score based on their bad actions, and rewarding the player for their good actions. For example; if you kill another player, your social credit will be reduced. If you donate some of your money, however, your social credit will be increased. This dystopian-themed addition goes higher than the playable government in-game. The decisions on who controls an individuals social credit, comes from someone higher ranking than even the mayor himself.


Who is in Control of Social Credit?

The only person who has control of an individuals social credit score, is the individual themself. By doing good, you're rewarded, and by doing bad you're penalized. Even if you were simply defending yourself, and regardless of intentions, if you harm/kill someone, you will not go completely unpenalized.  As a result, you have to find a way to balance your good & bad actions, and maybe think of different ways to resolve situations instead of killing.


What factors Impact Social Credit Score?

The primary way that you will be penalized is by killing another player, or by killing an NPC. If you kill a member of law enforcement you will be penalized more heavily, and if you kill the mayor, there is an even more significant penalty. Your social credit score will regenerate over time, but only up to 800 Points. At that point, if you want to get to a full 1000, you'll have to purchase more.


How do I Increase My Social Credit Score?

Over time you will regenerate social credit points. But if you need to get your score up in a more timely manner, you can pay for more points with a donation. You can do this by pressing F3 and navigating to the first tab, the profile tab. Then under "Social Credit" you will see four buttons. You will be able to purchase more points here.


Social Credit Menu


What happens if my Social Credit is too low?

If your social credit score drops too low, it becomes 'critical.' Having a critical social credit score marks you as a dangerous individual and you will immedietly become wanted by the local government. If at that time you are a member of the government, you will immediately be demoted to citizen. When your credit score is critical, you will also have a bounty on your head. Anyone who kills you will be rewarded with social credits. So if you notice you're crticial, or getting too close, it's best to lay low for a while.


Tips to keep social credit above critical:

Refrain from killing people unless absolutely necessary. It does not matter why you killed someone, you will be instantly penalized. This means if you're playing as a police officer, it's best to try and deal with a situation calmly and rationally, rather than going in guns blazing. If a wanted criminal is their base, maybe instead of busting down the doors and raiding it, try to talk them into coming outside, or hide and wait to catch them by surprise. The same goes for players that are playing as criminals. When you raid someone, instead of shooting everything that moves, try to demand the occupants of a base to keep there hands up and face the wall opposite of you, and analyze what the real threats are. You might be able to take their goods, and avoid bloodshed, leaving your social ranking undamaged.