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How it Works - Mayor

Posted on 30 May 2021 02:08 am

What does the Mayor Do?

The city is seperated into three main districts. Residential, Market, and Industrial. The mayors job is to keep their reputation between all of these districts relatively balanced. Each district has their own needs and can grant different benefits for prioritizing one over another. The mayors reputation in the residential district effects the tax rate. His reputation in the market district effects the price of imported goods like weapons, and his reputation in the industrial district effects the availablility of competitive jobs like doctors, gun dealers, and chemists.

How does the Mayors Reputation Change?

The mayor will periodically be notified that a decision needs to be made about a specific problem. The mayors choice in this effect their reputation in each district. If you're playing as the mayor, you can view these questions by pressing F3 and navigating to the second tab, the "mayor menu." You'll see the three districts with your current reputation/standing percentage in each one. In the box to the left of the residential reputation, you'll see the questions box. If a question needs to be made, you'll see the question along with three decisions. Each decision will have a different impact on every district. One decision might make those in the residential district love you, at the cost of industrial workers hating you.

What happens if the Mayors Reputation gets too Low?

If the mayors reputation gets too low in the residential district, the tax rate will skyrocket. This will quickly anger everyone else, and they will likely try and kill the mayor. If the mayors reputation gets too low in the market district, the price of weapons will be astronomical, allowing only the richest of players to purchase weapons from gun dealers. Unless, the gun dealers bought their shipments before the market crash, allowing them to make big profits. If their reputation gets too low in the industrial district, jobs like gun dealers and medics will only be available to a couple players. Making goods harder to come by. A bad reputation in the industrial district will also allow players to get free weapons from industrial weaponsmiths scattered across the map, for the purpose of killing the mayor.

How can I maintain a good Reputation in all districts?

It is unlikely that you will be able to keep a high reputation in all districts simultaneously. No matter what decision you make, you will never make everyone happy. You will have to try and please the majority of the players in order to avoid becoming a target. Try to keep everyone updated on what your plan is. Maybe tell them you're going to focus on market for a while, so they can buy up everything they need. Then later you can go and focus on keeping residential in good shape, so the tax rate stays low.


What happens when there is No Mayor?

When no mayor is currently in office, the reputation in each district remains at 40%. Tax rate will be relatively high, and weapon prices will not be cheap, but it could be much worse, with a bad mayor.