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How it Works - Skills

Posted on 30 May 2021 02:19 am

What are the Skills?

As of right now, there are four skills. Athletics, Acrobatics, Rogue, and Tenacity. Athletics increases your movement speed, allowing you to keep up with a fleeing individual, or speed away from a dangerous situation. Acrobatics increases your jump height, allowing you to quickly travel the world around you. Rogue effects the lockpick you're given by a locksmith. There are four lockpicks; basic, intermediate, exper, and master. Each one can lockpick doors faster than the last. The final skill is tenacity. When you're at low health, your movement speed is significantly lowered. Tenacity lowers this penalty, allowing you to maintain speed even when you're severely damaged.


How do I view my Skills?

You can view your skills by pressing F3 in game, and clicking on the icon with the book on it. This is the skill tab.

Here you can see your skills in each category, along with the current status of doubleXP.


How do I Level my Skills?

you can level athletics by sprinting, acrobatics by jumping, rogue by lockpicking, and tenacity by taking significant amounts of damage at once.


When does DoubleXP start?

DoubleXP will likely be triggered during special events, and whenever the servers donation goal has been met. Our server doesn't use the typical donation model to buy advantages against other players. Instead for every $50 the server makes from all donations collectively, everyone is rewarded with doubleXP for the next three days, regardless of whether or not they donated.