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How it Works - Keybinds

Posted on 31 May 2021 03:54 pm

This is a list of the keybinds you will need to know:

T: Holding the T key will put your hands up to surrender. While surrendering, you will not have access to your weapons or anything in your inventory, until you put your hands down by holding T again.

I: Clothing menu - allows you to drop your current clothes.

F3: The F3 menu is a multipurpose menu for RGG's exclusive addons. 

Tab 1:

The first tab is your profile tab, here you will be able to see your playtime statistics, user info, and the current donation progress towards doubleXP. You can also see your Social Credit, and options to purchase more. For a more in depth explanation of Social Credit, click here.


Tab 2:

The second tab is the Mayor Menu. As the mayor, you can see your current reputation in all the districts, along with the latest news relating to your most recent decision. The results of your decisions are also seen in the results menu. For a more in depth explanation on the mayor system, click here.

Tab 3:

The 3rd tab is your skills menu. Here you can see your current level in each skill, along with the current status of DoubleXP. For a more detailed explanation on skills, click here.


F6: The F6 key will open your character menu, here you can create a new character, or switch between your existing characters.


M: The M key will open up your map, here you can see all points of interest labelled. You can scroll to zoom in and out, and you can right click to set a waypoint.